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DIY Thyme and Buckwheat Honey Cough Syrup
Prep Time
2 mins

A simple (3 ingredient) DIY cough syrup

Cuisine: Medicinal
Author: AbraPappa
  1. Place fresh thyme in a small pot, cover with water. Bring to a boil and reduce by half.

  2. In the meantime chop your lemon into 8 pieces and add to a mason jar. Pour honey on top and using the back of a wooden spoon macerate (read: smoosh) the lemon with the honey.

  3. Pour the reduced thyme liquid on top of the lemon and honey. Replace the lid of the mason jar and shake well to combine. 

  4. Store in your refrigerator for about a month.

  5. Dosage: Use a spoonful as needed

    *typically I will take several spoonfuls per day when feeling a sore throat (it tastes amazing!)

Recipe Notes